Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Obama’s Syrian War as a Designed Distraction

Obama, who rose to prominence and finally defeated Hillary Clinton for the Democrat Party nomination in 2008 as the anti-war candidate, now wants to drop a few bombs on Syria in an operation his Secretary of State John Kerry, the archetypal anti-war guy, said would be “incredibly small”.  Nobel Peace Prize awardee Obama’s reasons for this war with Syria are not clear to anyone, including, seemingly, Obama himself.  Obama’s people have said, though, that they just intend to drop a few bombs so that Obama won't look bad on the world stage, so it won't be really a "war war", to borrow Obamaphile Whoopi Goldberg's idiotic and depraved formulation of "rape rape".  

Some brave Democratic politicians have come out to oppose this threatened war, but as expected all the major Obama-loving, previously rabidly anti-war celebrities have been absolutely silent – obviously they’re anti-war only when a Republican is president so it’s really not at all war that they care anything about.  In fact, super-liberal Ed Asner has admitted publicly that the erstwhile anti-war Democrat celebrities are staying silent because they don't want to appear racist in criticizing Obama; of course this is a big concern for them because up until now they themselves have smeared as racist anyone who dared oppose Obama.  

To contribute their fair share to the ridiculousness of this bad theater, some Republicans have come out to support Obama’s proposed little war; for example, Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, the editors of National Review, and even talk show host Hugh Hewitt, as well as a plethora of Republican politicians who never met an air strike they didn't like (e.g., the dopey Bobbsey Twins John McCain and Lindsey Graham).  Even Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner and House number two man Eric Cantor are giving Obama political cover for his proposed little adventure – not for nothing are they leaders in the Stupid Party.

Of course the Syrians in power have been killing, and allegedly even gassing, some of their people for a long time, so why attack them now?  Why now?  Well, one credible reason is to distract attention from Obama's growing domestic scandals.  Just as Clinton started lobbing bombs when the White House sex scandal was heating up, now it's Obama's turn to explode some people so that Republicans will stop talking about all the other bad stuff he's been doing.  Other bad stuff like the disgraceful IRS scandal wherein Democrat employees of the IRS and other federal agencies have been harassing, with non-approvals and audits, conservative organizations for years, a scandal that has so far reached as far as the top Obama appointee at the Agency.  A scandal like the Benghazi debacle, in which Obama and his team clearly failed to provide adequate security in advance, despicably failed to allow the military to support and rescue the besieged Americans being attacked on the ground in Benghazi (a battle that went on for about 12 hours in which four Americans died), and then disgracefully suppressed the truth about it all ever since. 

The final absurdity about this proposed attack on Syria is that it would be attacking the current government in support of Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood-led rebels who are even more hostile to the United States and Christians living in Syria than those now in power there.  It makes absolutely no sense, but then Obama's purpose is not to make sense, is not to seek justice -- it is to distract and mess with the minds of dopey Republicans.  If Obama is so easy with the use of military force, why did he order the United States military to step down and stop their rapidly developing support and rescue of the besieged Americans under attack in Benghazi? If military force to rescue Americans is unacceptable, why is military force to help Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria now a moral imperative? 

If one thing is clear about Obama and his core cadre of red diaper baby Alinskyites who are rabidly hostile to traditional American values, it is that you can never listen to what they say but always must watch what they do with open eyes and a clear head.  And as for those confused and misguided Republicans and “conservatives” who now are joining forces with and supporting Obama, Axelrod, Hillary Clinton and the others in the Alinskyite gang, to borrow a phrase, not even do they not know who the marks are they don’t even realize they’re playing in a game.