Monday, January 26, 2009

"Ethics" Professor Calls For Mandatory Youth Service Corps For "Permanent Cultural Change" By a "New Breed of Citizens"

A Dr. William A. Babcock, senior ethics professor at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, writing (link) in the Christian Science Monitor, calls for a mandatory national youth corps, in which high school grads would serve for two years and be rewarded with two years worth of college tuition. He writes:
The times call for legitimate regeneration ... a piecemeal, voluntary approach simply would not promote the sort of permanent cultural change ... the 21st century increasingly demands.... to instill a permanent "service mind-set" throughout the nation... that we start working again... that we better prepare and educate our students, that we ready our young people so that they might have every opportunity to mature with grace, dignity, and understanding.... would help spawn a new breed of citizens....
Here's this "senior ethics professor" calling for mandatory national service in a youth corp whose purpose is "regeneration" through "permanent cultural change" in a program that will "better educate our students" to form a "new breed of citizens." No doubt all with a special salute and crisp uniforms -- brown would look nice. And how about a touching pledge to our new Leader, like the Hollywood celebrities are making.

You can just about hear what's going on in the minds of the liberal elites: it's too hard to properly "educate" kids today, with family influence still too strong and alternative sources of information still too available; if we could just get all kids into long 24/7 reeducation programs away from family, friends, and the wrong reading materials, we could finally achieve our dreams of "permanent cultural change" with a "new breed of citizens."

It can look so innocent when it starts.

No doubt some new material for Jonah Goldberg's next edition of Liberal Fascism.

John M Greco