Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On Obama, Show Trials Over Waterboarding, and "Moral Bearings"

The radicalism of Obama and his administration continues to astound. Today Obama said (link) that the Bush Administration’s use of certain interrogation techniques, harsh but effective to some, torture to others, resulted from “losing our moral bearings.” He suggested today that his Administration might look into prosecuting those Bush Administration officials who espoused such techniques, this despite the CIA’s assertion, reiterated today (link), that use of such techniques, for one example, resulted in information that prevented a significant terrorist attack on American soil.

Thus Obama now plans to criminalize good-faith policy differences. Charles Krauthammer, commenting yesterday evening on Fox News, thinks the ultimate objective is not prosecution, which would not likely be successful, but prolonged “show” hearings that provide a platform for radical Democrats to continually lambast Bush and Republicans. Obama has been very successful politically “running against Bush,” and he doesn’t want to say goodbye to W just yet. But -- to hold political show “trials” of Republicans and of policies which have kept this country safer will sow the wind and from it the Democrats will reap a whirlwind.

“Losing our moral bearings.” This is rich, but part and parcel of the Orwellian double speak of which Obama is so fond. He knows very well he fools the huge number of Americans who are inattentive and gullible. For it is Obama of course who needs to find moral bearings. This the Obama who just this past week now notoriously warmly embraced the brutal, fascist, vociferously anti-American dictator Hugo Chavez. This the Obama who was the great defender of infanticide and late-term partial birth abortions while in the Illinois state senate not long ago. This the Obama who long associated with the infamous anti-American domestic terrorist William Ayers. This the Obama whose most important mentor as a young man was a card carrying member of the communist party that seeks to destroy American liberty. This the Obama who as the American president bows deeply before a repressive, illiberal Muslim potentate.

It is a developing American tragedy that this Obama, with his deceptively thoughtful and calm demeanor, fools so many of the people all of the time. Obama and his wife project a façade, an illusion of moderation, but we have seen in the occasional slip up what’s really behind the curtain. We know that he and his wife believe America is a morally stained, deeply flawed nation, whose past sins outweigh all the good and justify the enmity of its enemies. And for that they are comfortable around Latin American fascist dictators and repressive Muslim leaders in ways they have never been around Americans like Dick Cheney, George Bush, and millions more whose world view is not dominated and distorted by either white liberal guilt or envy of American accomplishment.

John M Greco