Monday, January 25, 2010

Why Obama’s Soft Stance on Islamic Terror?

It has always been clear to me that one has to draw conclusions from what Barack Obama does rather than from what he says. His recent missteps in protecting Americans from Islamic terrorists is drawing me to a much harsher opinion of him than I ever imagined a year ago when he started his term.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen Obama and his team:

* Screw up in not “connecting the intelligence dots” to keep the Nigerian Muslim Christmas Day “underwear” bomber from boarding a plane to Detroit.

* Proclaim the “the system worked” when the airplane bombing attempt narrowly failed because of the bomber’s difficulty in detonating the device and the quick action of a passenger, the “Flying Dutchman.”

* Grant the “underwear” terrorist Constitutional rights, despite his not being an American citizen or resident, despite quickly ascertaining that he was a radical Muslim who just tried to blow up a plane, and despite knowing that his own father had told American authorities that his son had been radicalized and had spent time in Yemen.

* Bungle the interrogation of the “underwear” terrorist : Obama’s team only briefly and ineffectively questions him before he’s “lawyered up” and goes silent; also, for the interrogation they fail to call in the “High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group” that Obama touted as his solution to interrogating terrorists because, as explained by Obama’s Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair, the unit is not “fully operational.” Then, Obama spokesman Gibbs states that in its 50 minute interrogation the FBI got all the information it was possible to get, an astounding and frankly ludicrous claim.

* Grant some of the terrorists held at Guantanamo, captured overseas and not ever having set foot in this country, Constitutional rights and proclaim the intent to transfer them to New York City for trial in federal court rather than a hearing before a military commission.

* Release an official report on the Fort Hood American-born and raised Muslim jihadist mass murder that is widely regarded as a complete whitewash, overflowing with liberal political correctness which doesn’t even mention Islam by name.

* Overrule a longstanding ban in order to allow terrorist-linked Islamist academic Tariq Ramadan to enter the US.

* Refuse to release the names of the attorney pals of AG Holder whom he has brought into the US Justice Department and who, like lawyers at Holder’s own firm, have defended Guantanamo Islamic terrorists and have advocated granting them full Constitutional rights.

* Release a captured Islamic terrorist to Algeria, which may put him back in action against us.

I can’t help thinking that Obama’s soft stance on Islamic terrorism evidences a deeply conflicted view of America, which in part sees America as a racist and imperialist country that’s getting what it has coming. He may disagree with terrorist methods, but I can’t help feeling, especially lately, that there’s some sympathy with their views of America. He’s certainly repeatedly apologized to the world for what he perceives as the multitude of American sins, particularly to Muslims, and in fact, prior to his nomination, even his wife said she had never felt proud of America.

John M Greco