Thursday, June 3, 2010

Paul McCartney, Beatle and Uneducated Ass

British pop musician Paul McCartney, on a visit with Barak Obama at the White House, publicly said (link): "After the last eight years, it's great to have a president who knows what a library is."

First, McCartney felt compelled to make his small contribution to the ongoing debasement of the United States Office of the Presidency under Obama, where such slurs are made publicly in Obama’s presence in such a place of honor. The continual smearing of Bush by Obama directly or by preening surrogates with his acquiescence is way past being tasteless, counterproductive, and old -- it’s pathetic.

But as for McCartney himself, he’s clearly too stupid to know that, if you’re going to slur George W. Bush as an idiot, you should have academic credentials credibly superior to his. Bush is a graduate of Yale (with better grades than John Kerry) and of Harvard. My vague recollection is that McCartney is a high school dropout, so I did some research. McCartney’s Wikipedia entry (link) talks about his entering a secondary school, spinned as a prestigious one, but does not mention a graduation, usually a strong sign that it did not happen; and there’s no mention of college whatsoever -- by that age we know he was already involved in a music group. An entry at a Yahoo answer site (link) also goes on and on about the various secondary school exams he passed but slips in that he “left school.” Another site states that “he studied” at the school but omits mention of a graduation.

And it is patently clear that, although McCartney has composed perhaps a few catchy jingles since the breakup of the Beatles, the intellectual heft of that group, what there was, came almost entirely from John Lennon.

McCartney is poorly educated, almost certainly a high school dropout, and an ass, and a crass one at that. And Obama, well I won’t get started.

John M Greco