Monday, January 3, 2011

Dem Congressman Says Republicans Are Wrong to Focus on Obamcare Rather than Jobs; Where Has He Been, in a Cave?

Robert Andrews, a Democrat Congressman from New Jersey, was a guest on today's Bill O"Reilly show and was introduced as one of the "co-authors" of Obamacare.  He was asked to respond to the announced Republican plan to hold a repeal vote on the law very soon as one of the first activities of the new Congress.  This guy said, and I quote, "I think it's wrong to focus on healthcare rather than jobs."   

This is too rich, too ridiculous.  In fact, this guy had such a flat affect even he couldn't muster enthusiasm for his argument, if one can even call it that.  For two years the Democrats have focused primarily on their health care scheme, to the detriment of job creation, and now this guy says it would be wrong to focus on health care rather than jobs.  He avoids defending the substance of the bill -- he just doesn't want to talk about it.

For the past two years, their health care scheme was the top priority for Democrats instead of jobs, the economy, and Islamic terror, to name just a few other things, and the voters responded with the Great Repudiation of 2010.  Now congresssional Republicans, many of whom were newly elected as much as anything else because of their opposition to Obamacare, want to try to repeal what they think is not only a very bad attempt at health care "reform" but a great harm to the economy and the Constitution as well, and all this guy Andrews can muster is to knock them for not focusing on "jobs".  This is appparently the Democrat approach to defending Obamacare -- change the subject to jobs.  Any problems with anything we've done or haven't done -- why worry about that?  Focus on jobs, jobs, jobs.   

A great impediment to more job creation IS Obamacare.  This Dem tactic is pathetic.  New Jersians and the rest of us deserve much more.

John M Greco

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