Friday, April 1, 2011

Annals of Inanities -- Obama Edition #4

* Obama's Justice Department now brings a lawsuit to force a school district to accede to a patently unreasonable demand to accomodate the Muslim faith of a teacher (link).  Some religions are more equal than others.

* Obama returns from vacation in South America and is locked out of the White House (link).  If this had happened to GW Bush, this story would have been headline news for weeks in the liberal media -- Bush the idiot, Bush the moron.  Remember when Bush tried to open a door that was locked when he was at a meeting abroad and was ridiculed in the liberal media?  It was a momentary, meaningless incident and not even at his own house.  But what's good for the goose is good for the gander.  To my liberal friends -- now who's the "moron"?  Remember when Obama, the Commander-in-Chief, mispronounced "corpsmen"?  No, well, you're not alone, but if Bush had done that it would have been front page news for a week.  My thought -- why not stop all this nonsense.

* Do we need a Cray super-computer to understand Obama's oil exploration policy?  The liberal Washington Post observes (link) in a recent editorial: "As for offshore drilling, Mr. Obama’s enthusiasm for punching holes in the ocean floor off Brazil is hard to reconcile with his decision, announced Dec. 1, to keep the waters off the East and West coasts and the eastern Gulf of Mexico off-limits to exploration indefinitely."  The answer is No, we don't.  Encouraging offshore drilling in Brazil and elsewhere while blocking such in the US is not about the environment, it's about the ultraliberal goal to cut America down to size, to attenuate its strengh toward some vision of a global economic rebalancing.  Obama makes perfect sense.

* The Obama team has now so expanded the definition of who is disabled that one observer speculates (link) that a majority of American adults might now be classified as disabled for purposes of the Americans With Disabilities Act.  Give Obama a little more time and he'll have everyone down as disabled, for special protections and government services, except most white males of course.

* Obama is, no surprise, against Republican efforts to restore the D.C. public school choice program, even though he himself sends his children to a private school (link).  That's pretty common, of course, among Democrat politicians (cf. Jesse Jackson).  Arron Goldstein at The American Spectator:  "If the Obamas truly believed in public education they would send their daughters to a public school. But when it comes right down to it President Obama doesn't really believe in the efficacy of public education. His support for public education begins and ends with the teachers' unions. In the grand scheme of things, it is a classic case of public education for thee but not for me."

John M Greco

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