Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Not To Miss -- Why We're Headed Back into Recession -- Victor Davis Hanson Explains It All

The inimitable Victor Davis Hanson at The Corner at National Review Online explains it all to us on how Barack Obama is bringing on another recession: How to Turn a Recovery into Another Recession.

Turns out -- it's easy.  Here're excerpts on how:

1.      Ensure uncertainty in the private sector so that it continues to cut back and hoard cash….

2.      Take both real and iconic measures that scare business and question the old rules of free enterprise, perhaps by trying to shut down a new Boeing aircraft plant or reversing the order of the Chrysler creditors or absorbing a private company or two.

3.      Create a psychological climate hostile to business that either scares employers or angers them into sitting out any perceived recovery….

4.      Send a message that subsidized companies, especially in so-called green industry, are noble and need help, while profit-making corporations, especially in energy, are suspect…..

5.      Be selective in targeting capitalist enemies of the people….

6.      Run up historical deficits in ‘gorge the beast’ style that will force at some point either massive new taxes or a Greece-like crack-up [JMG: which for Democrats, per Rahm Emanuel, would be a "crisis too good to waste"] ….

 John M Greco

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