Sunday, February 26, 2012

At the Movies = “Act of Valor” Hits All Targets

I saw the new movie Act of Valor and found it quite engrossing and engaging.  It tells the fictional story of a team of US Navy Seals in action at various points around the globe working to hunt down a group of terrorists, and reportedly uses real Seals to play those roles instead of actors (and most are pretty good).  The lasting impression to the viewer is the seriousness, dedication, skill, and selflessness with which these incredible men protect their countrymen.

The movie is well-paced with lots of action, and, given the current anti-American, Islamist-apologetic mindset predominant in Hollywood today, remarkably the bad guys are real-life bad guys (i.e., terrorists) and the good guys are real-life good guys (e.g., Navy Seals and the US government); notably, the good guys are not sympathetically-portrayed homicidal Islamists or third-worlders with grievances, and the bad guys are not higher ups in the US government (in a Republican administration, of course).  How original, how novel – and in a very entertaining movie to boot!              

John M Greco

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