Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Notre Dame Profs Outraged Over Bishop’s Criticism of Obama, Infanticide Protector and Notre Dame Honoree

Finally, over a hundred professors of the apparently nominally-Catholic University of Notre Dame have found something to be outraged about.

They weren't outraged when Notre Dame honored (link; link) Barack Obama, one of the, if not the, leading defender (link; link; link; link; link) in the Illinois legislature of infanticide, where hospital nurses placed viable infants born alive after botched abortions alone in storage rooms to die without medical care, a practice famously publicized by a nurse who had witnessed it at the incongruously-named Christ Hospital in suburban Chicago.

But let a Bishop criticize Obama and the Notre Dame faculty erupts like Mount Vesuvius.  The Chicago Tribune reports (link) that “More than a hundred University of Notre Dame professors have demanded that Illinois Bishop Daniel Jenky renounce comments he made criticizing President Barack Obama's stance on religious liberty that compared him to dictators Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin....”  The Bishop is a Notre Dame graduate and sits on the ND Board of Fellows and Board of Trustees, says the Tribune.  “In his homily, Jenky compared the administration's stance to anti-religious figures in history such as Hitler and Stalin who 'have tried to force Christians to huddle and hide within the confines of their churches.' " 

Infanticide?  To each his own.  Late Term Partial Birth Abortions?  Who am I to judge?  Criticize Obama?  HOW DARE YOU?  So goes the Catholic University of Notre Dame, a great institution that has fallen of late into some very bad hands.  

John M Greco

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