Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Democrat “Values”, Gays, Islam, Marriage, & Chick-fil-A

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and Boston Mayor Tom Menino, both Democrats, today jointly announced that they are instituting a Democrat “Party Loyalty” card, which they advise holders to carry with them at all times.  They stated that this development stems from their growing concern as mayors that many residents of their cities do not hold the proper “values”.  Holders of the wallet cards will also receive Party Loyalty car and window stickers, all of which, say the mayors, will help police and other city officials to better appreciate the civic loyalty of any residents who are stopped for violations or who need city services.  Eligibility will be determined by such factors as an individual’s record in requesting Democrat ballots in primary elections and Democrat Party ward committeeman recommendations.  The mayors stressed that Democrat Party Loyalty cards are certainly not mandatory.      

Veteran political observers say this move reflects these mayors’ growing desire to increase resident awareness of their declared city “Values,” which recently was evidenced in the Chick-fil-A flap, involving reaction to a company official’s personal view in support of the traditional definition of marriage.  Meanwhile, a smiling Boston mayor Menino, taking a short break from another ribbon-cutting ceremony at another new Boston mosque (link), told reporters that the mosque’s imam’s personal view that all homosexuals should be immediately stoned to death is part of the rich cultural heritage of Islam, which, as President Obama has recently said, has always been a part of the fabric of America.   

John M Greco 

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