Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Obama the Infanticide President

A friend writes and mentions that some liberal acquaintances of hers are in denial over Obama’s advocacy for infanticide – the deliberate killing of infants.  With the “mainstream” liberal media shielding Obama from this disgrace, and from many others, only political conservatives who get their news and information from non-liberal sources know the truth.

Obama played a leading role, when he was in the Illinois legislature, in blocking adoption of an Illinois law that would require doctors and nurses to try to save infants born alive after a failed abortion attempt, as they would try to save any other infants who required medical care.  Obama led the fight to preserve the practice of denying infants born alive after failed abortion attempts any medical care and simply putting them in a closet without food and water and medicines to die – in short, he fought to preserve infanticide.  Readers up on this subject are familiar with the stories of Jill Stanek, the nurse at Christ Hospital (of all names) in suburban Chicago who cradled and comforted in their final hours living infants left to die by Christ Hospital doctors in utility closets after being born alive.  Obama and his Democrat confederates, which included many Irish and nominally-Catholic politicians from Chicago, successfully beat back every attempt to outlaw this despicable and barbaric practice. 

Obama the radical abortionist won – a man so radical in his support for abortion, and so fearful that any restriction would threaten it, that he took a leadership role with fellow Democrats in the Illinois legislature to defeat a bill that would have outlawed the killing of living babies.   

As I have previously referenced on this site, here is Peter Kirsanow writing at The Corner blog at National Review Online in a series of posts from 2008: 

Obama's 2002 vote against the Induced Birth Infant Liability Act ("IBILA") [occurred] while he was in the Illinois state legislature.  IBILA would have extended the same medical care to babies born after surviving an abortion attempt as is enjoyed by all babies born alive. When a similar measure, the Born Alive Infant Protection Act ("BAIPA") was introduced in the U.S. senate not one senator voted against it. Even NARAL didn't oppose it…. 

Obama sits through testimony that babies born alive after an unsuccessful abortion are left to die alone in a utility closet. The babies are provided neither comfort, care, nor sustenance during their brief lives. When this practice was brought to public attention horrified citizens petitioned their legislators to address the matter. Proposed legislation is drafted, [but Obama votes against it]…. 

Obama supposedly questioned the constitutionality of IBILA…  Obama's rationale for voting against IBILA is questionable at best. What isn't questionable is that Obama, the constitutional law lecturer at U. of Chicago Law School, offered no amendments to cure IBILA's purported defect….  Rather, after voting against IBILA, the bill was referred to a committee he chaired where he killed it by never bringing it up again for a vote. (It's also worth noting that while Obama voted "present" 100+ times in the Illinois state legislature, in this particular case he bestirred himself to vote "no".)  

Another revealing aspect of the issue is Obama's mendacity in claiming that his vote reflected the purported absence of "neutrality language" in the Illinois state version of the Born Alive Act. It's been six years since his vote, there's irrefutable evidence that the state version was the same as the federal version, yet Obama persists in peddling his false explanation. He's probably judged correctly that the media won't call him on it….  Obama insists on calling living, breathing babies no longer in the womb fetuses; he refuses to call them persons.

I think it is possible for moral people to view abortion early in pregnancy as not immoral.  However, abortion late in pregnancy is another thing, especially when the fetus would be viable outside the womb.  And as for so-called partial-birth abortions, where babies are killed while partially outside the mother’s body, and as for infants who survive the “botched” abortion attempt and are born alive but left to die in utility closets beside dirty laundry – these practices are barbaric and disgraceful.  No moral person, either “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” could countenance such despicable acts.  But Obama does.  And the liberal media hides all of this.

John M Greco

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