Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tough Times in Democrat Utopia Illinois – How’d That Happen? And When's the Rally?

The breakdown of the Democrat Party social model continues apace, and the day of reckoning draws ever near. 

Illinois has just been recognized as the brokest state in the Union, with the worst credit rating of all.  In Chicago, a city with some of the strictest anti-gun regulations in the country, gun violence continues to set new records (link).  No more Second City! 

Illinois should be a liberal paradise after a generation of almost complete control by Democrats and the occasional liberal Democrat-like Republican.  That’s Democrat-like as in fiscal irresponsibility, social license, and corruption. 

The latest skirmish just broke out in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, home to the private University of Chicago, which has just opened an expensive, new hospital sans a trauma unit.  Even the ultraliberals now in control there understand that shouldering most of the burden on the South Side for caring for gang banger shooting victims is a sure path to bankruptcy, especially since the Democrat-controlled state is beyond broke and can’t even make timely payments on Medicaid claims, the rates for which are of course paltry compared to private insurance. 

Democrats know just what to do, what they’ve been doing for decades about all the serious problems that are much of their own making – hold a protest (link).  But now they’re just protesting against themselves, their own social model, but are too dim to realize it.  Touchingly, a sweet little old white lady from the neighborhood complains that the lack of a trauma center affects not just bullet-ridden black gang bangers but people like her, perhaps though not able to realize that there are likely 25 insurance-less gang banger cases for every one with a patient like herself, who is by the way as a Hyde Parker statistically highly likely to be a lifelong Democrat voter.  Fifty years of destructive liberal social policies and attitudes and excuses have ruined cities and communities, and the money is gone, long gone, and it’s just smoke and mirrors now.  Chicago’s new top cop, a fellow named McCarthy new mayor Emanuel found somewhere on the East Coast, blames (link) racism and Sarah Palin for the escalating gun violence (I kid you not); not mentioned were liberal policies.  Doctors will tell you that effective treatment requires the correct diagnosis, but then these Democrats aren't brain surgeons.  Next up, no doubt – a rally! (link)

John M Greco             

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