Sunday, June 30, 2013

Obama Brings America to the Inflection Point

It is ever so hard to remain positive in light of depths to which Obama and his radical acolytes are bringing down this country -- what some have described as Obama's War on America.  I think only a fraction of his backers and supporters, such as David Axlerod, understand and endorse the true agenda, the tearing down of traditional America, all predicated upon the radical belief that white people of European extraction, and particularly those in the USA, have stolen their wealth from the rest of the world and now must disgorge ill-gotten gains and be taken down a few notches.  Many, like Pelosi and Reid, support him because they are standard issue corrupt, amoral thieves who will play hardball to enrich themselves on whatever team seems to be winning (and willing to play hardball with its opponents).  The rest are the low-information duped, such as workers and dreamy idealists racked with white guilt.  They all come together to support Obama, entranced by his phony siren calls for peace, justice, and world harmony while ignoring or not comprehending his true Stalinist methods and goals.

We are at a dangerous point in America.  No doubt in 2nd or 3rd century Rome, with history and strength all about, it was incomprehensible to think that it would not go on forever.  If we had forgotten it, we now know, thanks to Obama and his gang, that liberty must be fought for by every generation, for there are always those who would control us and lord over us ever waiting to destroy our liberty, for their own gain, all in the name of "the people."

John M Greco

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