Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama Affronts of the Day – He Wants Power to Seize More Companies and Wants a Mandatory Civilian Youth Corps; A “Center-Right Nation” This Ain’t

The shocking threats from Obama’s radicalism become more apparent every day. Just yesterday, Obama’s Treasury man Geithner announced (link) he (really meaning his boss Obama) wants the authority to seize and control any company posing a threat to the national economy. Geithner says this power would be limited to financial companies. Well, even if so-limited the proposal is dangerous enough (link), but who can trust politicians, especially Democrat ones, to live within the limits of their own plans? The TARP money, to pick a recent example, was expressly authorized to bail out financial institutions, but soon a big chunk of its money was poured into domestic automakers to rescue the Democrat unions. Give politicians who crave for big government control an inch and they’ll take a mile. The Commerce Clause of the Constitution is ostensibly limited to matters of interstate commerce, but big government anti-liberty liberals over the years have stretched it beyond all recognition so that now it’s used to justify just about any intrusion of the federal government in our daily lives. Want to grow your own tomatoes in your back yard? Well, your new crop might cause you to buy fewer tomatoes imported from your neighboring state, so you’re impacting interstate commerce and thus your backyard comes under federal control. The lesson for us is to beware of Democrats asking for authority they promise to use wisely and sparingly.

Meanwhile, we learn that the US House just passed a bill to explore the creation of a mandatory civilian youth service corps, no doubt to be infused with lots of socialistic indoctrination and decked out in its own uniform (link). I wrote the following (link) two months ago when a college professor wrote an article in the liberal Christian Science Monitor calling for such a creation:
Here's this "senior ethics professor" calling for mandatory national service in a youth corps whose purpose is "regeneration" through "permanent cultural change" in a program that will "better educate our students" to form a "new breed of citizens." No doubt all with a special salute and crisp uniforms -- brown would look nice…. You can just about hear what's going on in the minds of the liberal elites… if we could just get all kids into long 24/7 reeducation programs away from family, friends, and the wrong reading materials, we could finally achieve our dreams of "permanent cultural change" with a "new breed of citizens." It can look so innocent when it starts.
After Obama’s election some conservatives reassured themselves by declaring that we were still a center-right country. Well, I don’t think that is so. First of all, the concept isn’t valid. If voters were 50% socialists (desiring state control over most aspects of everyone’s lives) and 50% traditional conservatives (valuing personal liberty, personal accountability, and self-reliance), would it be meaningful to say that on average the country is “moderate?” Nevertheless, assume for a moment that the concept has meaning. Even after the disappointments of the Bush presidency, the very unpopular war, and the weakness of John McCain as a candidate, no “center-right” electorate would have come close to electing Barack Obama as president, given his writings, his past associations, and his past actions. No, Obama’s election and certainly his manifest post-national radicalism mean we are at the tipping point on our way to a bad place. And the so-called “moderates” whom Obama has duped into supporting him (especially those who joined his Administration) no doubt are finding themselves “useful idiots” as Lenin would have called them (a possibly fake but certainly accurate attribution). There's still time to pull away from the cliff if enough Americans react.

John M Greco

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