Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bill Clinton & Elian Gonzalez

Former president Clinton has been lecturing America about the importance of civility in public political discourse and warning against incipient conservative and Republican-inspired violence. Imagine that, as if anyone thinks of conservatives when one thinks of activists rampaging through streets and creating mayhem, or of agitators disrupting conservative speeches, or of thugs committing assault and battery at political rallies of political opponents. I think of the actual groups that do such things, like Code Pink, SEIU purple-shirted union thugs, and agitated “youth” marching through streets, not peaceful, polite tea partiers. But Clinton must deflect from the real truth, and project the behavior of liberal extremists onto mainstream conservatives to try to fool the foolable. That’s apparently what Clinton thinks his role in American society should be as an ex-president of this great Republic.

And on the subject of Bill Clinton and violence, today is the 10th anniversary of his Administration’s violent and shocking home invasion by armed federal agents to seize an 11 year old boy from loving relatives in order to return him to a brutal, communist country his mother died trying to free him from. That’s a window to Bill Clinton’s soul.

John M Greco