Friday, April 2, 2010

Big Obama Supporter Ed Koch Sours on His Man; Is Surprised Obama’s Anti-Israel

Fox News reports (link) that former Democrat New York Mayor and big-time Obama booster Ed Koch has soured on his man; he is shocked, shocked to find out that Obama is not the supporter of Israel Koch thought he would be:
Koch said he believes Obama "orchestrated" what happened in Israel [that is, Obama’s recent very harsh criticism of Israeli plans for a new housing development]. "What they did is they wanted to make Israel into a pariah," he said. "It's outrageous in my judgment…. I believe that the Obama administration is willing to throw Israel under the bus in order to please Muslim nations."
Obama not turning out who you thought he was, Ed? What was your first clue? An ultra-liberal hostile to Israel and friendly to Palestinians and their Islamic allies! What a surprise!

Koch campaigned vigorously for a former “community organizer” known to be dedicated to Saul Alinsky, a radical who preached the method of adopting a moderate, unthreatening mask to surreptitiously foment socialistic ends from the inside of institutions; he campaigned for a man with past mentors such as Frank Marshall Davis (a Communist Party member), William Ayers (a known radical domestic terrorist), and Jeremiah Wright (a preacher of anti-capitalist and anti-white black liberation theology), a man who is culturally a blend of Islam and black radical pseudo-Christianity whose past words and deeds focused on the sins of Western culture. And now Koch is surprised he’s hostile to Israel, the whipping boy of the anti-American and Muslim world.

Bringing Jews such as Alexrod and Emmanuel into his inner circle was a head fake. Obama sympathizes with the Muslim world in their manufactured grievances against the West in general and America and Israel in particular.

Obama is like the wizard behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz, only in reverse. The soothing, reassuring moderate-sounding figure is up front in plain view for all the commoners to see, up there to fool the foolable, while the real Obama with his radical agenda lurks out of sight. Koch is now just waking up from his self-delusion; better late than never I suppose.

John M Greco