Saturday, February 12, 2011

Annals of Government-Run Enterprises: Why Is This Train Late?

Accurate transcription of an automated announcement the other day on a Chicago Metropolitan Rail Authority commuter train on the way to the Loop:

“This train is operating approximately 30 minutes late due to late arrival of equipment due to earlier delays.”

I kid you not.

And some of us want these people run our health care system.

2/13/11 -- Addendum:  Lest anyone thinks this message was a one-off, in fact it is one in the railroad's standard pre-prepared repertory that I have heard many times over the years. 

2/13/11 -- Addendum 2:  From the Associated Press (link):  "Despite plenty of warning that last week's blizzard was on its way, officials of Metra say the Chicago-area commuter train system wasn't prepared to deal with the storm. They also told the Chicago Tribune on Friday that they didn't get the word out about reduced services and long delays."

As Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit would say -- We're in the very best of hands.

John M Greco