Monday, February 7, 2011

Chrysler Boasts that Its Cars Are Made by Detroit Union Workers. Yes, That Detroit, Those Workers.

I’m not making this up. Honest.

In a very slick and undoubtedly very expensive commercial aired during yesterday’s Super Bowl game, car-maker Chrysler boasted that its cars are made in Detroit. The tag line is “Imported from Detroit.” Yes, that Detroit. Made by those very same union workers notorious for their unique world-record-breaking ability to combine extremely high pay with extremely low quality. Made by those same workers who, along with fellow residents of similar mentality, have turned Detroit into a lower-rung third-world city right here in America. Oh yea, those are just the people I want to make the next car I drop $30 grand to buy. Sure.

Chrysler is of course now mostly owned by the unions after it was stolen from its creditors in an ersatz bankruptcy by Obama and given to them in one of the most egregious examples of political thuggery in American history. Then Obama gave Fiat what was left with the directive to work with the unions to try to make something of the corpse, no doubt to be aided with more money from Obama down the road.

The union brain trust thinks the way to induce me to buy one of their cars is to remind me, to emphasize to me, that their cars are manufactured by Detroit union workers. Of course, instead they should be doing everything they can to trick me into believing that Chrysler cars are made by someone else – anyone else. These union owners are either much dimmer than anyone had previously imagined or are certifiably delusional, and are likely both.

John M Greco

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