Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bin Laden is Dead, But Western Civ Is Losing the Home Front

Western Civilization, at least still in America predicated on individual liberty, free enterprise, the rule of self-determined law, and separation of church and state, continues to be slowly eaten alive from the enemy within -- the unholy alliance between radical Muslims and self-loathing hate-filled Westerners who agitate and conspire for socialism.

I recently commented (link) on the disgraceful behavior of Barack Obama, whose administration continues to investigate the military and CIA heroes who obtained, partially through "enhanced interrogation techniques", the very information that helped Americans locate Osama bin Laden, who Obama just ordered killed (thank God) in cold blood and with very dubious legality in an assassination raid that violated the sovereign territory of an erstwhile American ally.  And how many more citizens of the world has Obama killed, whether by intent or as collateral damage, with drone missiles, which don't read Miranda rights before dispatching their targets.       

The incomparable Mark Steyn rounds up some other evidence of the scope of the liberty-hating enemy-within today in a post (link) at National Review Online, including this one -- reporting on a street clash in Londinistan, a British newspaper referred to the pro-bin Laden demonstrators as his "supporters" and to the British natives who staged a counter-protest as "extremists."  Says Steyn: "[W]hen even a Fleet Street tabloid covering a pro-terrorist-vs-English-nationalist protest reflexively labels the latter as the “extremists”, you know we’re losing the very language in which we can even discuss the issues.

Western Civilization has much more to fear from its enemies within than from those without.

John M Greco