Sunday, May 8, 2011

Obama’s Chief Lawyer: Obama Can Kill an Unarmed Terrorist Just Fine, But Waterboarding Under Bush Is Morally Reprehensible

How deep does the moral turpitude of Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder go? How can Obama and Holder possibly reconcile killing the unarmed bin Laden with their desire to prosecute (link) Americans who waterboarded a few Islamic terrorists to gain information that helps protect Americans?

A few days ago Attorney General Holder defended (link) before a Congressional Committee the Obama Administration’s assassination of bin Laden. "It was lawful .... [and] justified as an act of national self-defense," he said.

Mind you, I am heartily pleased that American troops have killed bin Laden. But I find it despicable that Obama and Holder now try to claim that by their own legal and moral principles a targeted assassination of a foreign national in a foreign country by commandos illegally in that country is morally and legally fine, justified by their newly announced standard of “national self-defense,” while they simultaneously assert that it is morally reprehensible and illegal for American investigators to waterboard captured Islamic terrorists to obtain information that might save American lives. This is the essence of this Obama principle – OK to kill an unarmed bin Laden in cold blood but illegal and immoral to waterboard his fellow Islamic terrorist.

There is no logic to this because the bin Laden assassination reveals what many have always suspected – that all this anti-waterboarding moral posturing and threatening has been just a cynical political show to harm Bush and his supporters in the fight against Islamic terrorism. If Gitmo has been in any way a recruiting tool for terrorists, as Obama has said, it is because of the distorted, inflammatory rhetoric of Obama himself and other ultraliberals about what goes on there.

Obama and Holder are morally unfit for their offices – they must immediately stop their disgraceful political persecution of some of the brave Americans who have been fighting to keep us as safe as humanly possible from Islamic mass murderers.

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John M Greco