Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Change, Then Hope

I've read that Barack Obama's new slogan for his reelection campaign is "Forward".  Anne Sorock writes at Legal Insurrection (link):  "Similar to the 2008 concept, Change, this one-word slogan captures a vague sense of movement without articulating a strategy, end, or principle. The movement this terms evokes is no more than a different state than we’re currently in, and a positive trajectory."  Well, when you have a disastrous record, you can't run on that, so what have you?  Apparently an appeal to go "Forward", which, in a remarkable coincidence, happens to be an old socialist slogan (link) [not to mention the Wisconsin state motto (link)].  Hmmm.

Here's my suggestion for Romney:  "Change, Then Hope".

John M Greco

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