Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obama Gets More Nervous

Today comes news (link) that President Barack Obama has publicly declared, in an ABC interview "hastily" arranged this morning, support for gay marriage, just a day after voters in swing-state North Carolina defeated (link) a proposition in favor of such.  This announcement also comes a day after Obama was nearly beaten (link) by an obscure incarcerated felon in the West Virginia Democratic Party primary, for which some Democrats are shockingly blaming (link) Democrat voters’ racism rather than disgust with Obama’s record, after voters in Wisconsin came out shockingly strongly for Republican governor Scott Walker in the primary for the recall election (link), and after Obama’s favorite Republican senator, the squishy Dick Lugar, shockingly overwhelmingly lost in the Indiana primary. 

Add to that national popularity polls that show Obama either behind Romney or just only slightly ahead in those propaganda polls that overweight Democrats so that Obama comes out on top.  Bottom line is this picture looks to me like Obama now ever more so desperately feels the needs to shore up his unenthusiastic base and continue to distract away from his record and from the economy.  All these are positive signs for Romney, if he stays on message.

John M Greco

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