Wednesday, February 19, 2014

From the Annals of Inanities – Feminists Tackle Excessive Female Injuries on Unisex Olympic Slopes

At the winter Olympic Games, women are getting injured on the unisex ski slopes way more than men.  Apparently, usually in competitions the runs for women are easier than those for men (how sexist!), but at the Olympics they are unisex (equality!).  Once again, feminists attempt to hold two completely incompatible positions at the same time.  Heather Mac Donald reports (link):

How to properly respond to the female crash tally, however, is difficult.  Ordinarily, anything bad happening to females is a sure sign that they are being victimized by sexism.  So the default feminist reaction to the female wipe-outs is to blame the course designers.  Kim Lamarre, a Canadian bronze medalist in slope style skiing, is happy to oblige: “Most of the courses are built for the big show, for the men,” she told the Times.  “I think they could do more to make it safer for women.” [....] 

Uh-oh! Gender-studies red flag!  “Making it safer for women,” as in: recognizing female difference and adopting a chivalric attitude towards the female sex?  Big, big problem.  The Olympics’ history of “trying to protect women from the perils of some sports” by creating easier ski courses is “sexist, perhaps,” agonizes the Times’ reporter.  [....] 

The true feminist will blithely have it both ways, indifferent to the contradiction: The unisex course is sexist because it injures women and trying to protect [especially] women from injury is sexist.  ....Likewise, feminists toggle at will between [1] the position that there should be gender quotas for women in political positions, say, because females bring a special sensibility to political problems, and [2] the position that men and women are identical in every way and thus that any disparities in outcomes — whether in advanced math and physics attainment or in the predilection for public debate — must be the result of sexism.   

Here’s a key point at issue: 

As injuries build up for female combat soldiers [or if for policewomen or firewomen or female construction workers], expect to see the same confused thinking.  The Army will be blamed for not doing enough to protect females while also being pressured to pretend that females are the absolute [physical] equal of men and thus need no [special] protection. 

When are the gals going to start lifting the guys in ice dancing, and will they be able to carry wounded comrades off a battlefield under fire?

“I can do anything you can do better, I can do anything better than you” – Annie Oakley

“I can do anything you can do better, I can do anything better than you, as long as you men make it safe for me with special accommodations and separate standards” – modern American feminist

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