Monday, April 1, 2013

Chicago Mob Attacks Resume & Dems In Control Can't Stop It

On the first warm evening of the year, yet another mob of "youths" invaded Chicago's north Michigan Avenue shopping and tourist district and caused lots of trouble and terror (link; link).  Newspapers decline to identify the race or origin of these youths, but everyone knows they are young black men and women from outlying neighborhoods who travel by train and bus to descend on the area, and cause trouble on public transportation as well.  These episodes are seemingly becoming more frequent, and come amidst record-setting murder and mayhem in Chicago's black neighborhoods.  Pols, newspapers, and business leaders seem to play down these events, as they are bad for business and political futures.

The Chicago police seem powerless to prevent or control these events, and stay stuck in reactive mode; even at that, their response has been criticized as inadequate.  Chicago's police chief, one McCarthy, who soon after being appointed by Democrat Mayor Emanuel blamed Sarah Palin (link) in part for the city's escalating violence, thinks his police department is doing a pretty good job.  The Chicago Tribune reports (link):     
Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said ... that his officers responded effectively to a number of disturbances ... involving large groups of teens on Saturday night that led to nearly 30 arrests ranging from bumping into passersby on sidewalks to attacking women aboard a CTA train....  He echoed the same sentiment regarding an incident that occurred an hour after the CTA attack in which 17 more teens were arrested for causing a series of disturbances along the Magnificent Mile.  “We were on top of it, and we dispersed it immediately,” McCarthy told reporters. “And I also want to be clear that there were no assaults, robberies or property damage that was reported.....
Hey, what's the beef, says McCarthy.  Once the violence started, we dispersed the youths and arrested a relative few.  And after all, "there were no assaults, robberies or property damage that was reported", so no harm no foul.  Emanuel might want to hold yet another "take back the streets" rally (link).  At the rate of escalation of murder and mayhem since he and his hand-picked team have been in charge, soon he'll be holding one a day.


April 3, 2013 Headline at Chicago Tribune web site:

              "Schmich: Let's turn down the alarm over loud teens downtown" 

              "I don't mean to minimize what happened in Chicago over the weekend, only to suggest there has been some overreaction." [The rest is behind the pay wall]

Hey, that wasn't a dangerous situation or anything.....  A  few assaults, some terror, some pushing of some elderly and tourists, a few robberies, some "attacking of women"....  Hey, that's just urban life, what's the big deal......  Those complainers must have been from the suburbs......    They overreacted.....  Just some "loud" Chicago teens.....    Nothing to see here, move along.....  There's no problem here, really.  Now just move along....  Nothing to see here......  Everyone don't stop coming downtown to shop, there're no safety issues, really.......  NOW MOVE ALONG, NOTHING TO SEE HERE.......

John M Greco

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