Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Taxes are For the Little People -- In France & USA

As the saying goes, taxes are for the little people.

As if we need any more evidence past the 20th Century that the enforced equality of "socialism" is just a smokescreen to fool the rubes for what amounts to control by self-appointed bosses who do not expect to actually live by the rules (and the consequences) they impose on the proletarian masses otherwise known as the mythical "people", comes this out of France (link):
France's former budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac admitted [on April 2] that he had held a secret bank account .... in Switzerland [and siphoned money there] in order to avoid paying taxes in France.
Remember it was his team of socialists who just last year dramatically raised taxes in France.

How quaint --  in France, being a tax cheat actually disqualifies one for high office.  Recall how much trouble Obama had in finding Democrat potential cabinet appointees who had not cheated on their taxes; obviously not being bothered by such trivialities the way actual taxpayers were, Obama went ahead and appointed a confirmed tax cheat to head the Treasury and IRS (links below).

Democrats and Tax Evasion, Like Sterling and Silver -- Tax Law Writer Rangel Joins Tax Collector Geithner and Former Senate Leader Daschle in the Tax Cheaters Hall of Fame

Geithner Tax Evasion Story Indicates the Severity of the Democrat & Media Double Standard in the Age of Obama

For the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” File: Obama Tax-Challenged Democrats Worried About Other People & Companies Not Paying Their Taxes

John M Greco

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