Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Boston Marathon Bombings – Obama, Democrats, & Muslim Terrorism

As if we needed any more evidence that Obama, his team, and his acolytes are soft, very soft, on Muslim terrorism, one only needs to look at the case of the Boston Marathon Bombers.  Despite apparently repeated warnings from the Russians, the Russians no less, about the older brother’s escalating radicalism and growing ties to known Muslim terrorists, Obama’s crack team did nothing.  Nothing.  Their focus is on those dangerous, let’s-live-within-our-means white grandmothers in the Tea Party, otherwise known as Republicans.

Obama actually has some terrorist friends – after moving to Chicago, among the many ultraliberals he befriended was one Bill Ayers, who, along with his wife, are unrepentant murderous terrorists embraced by Obama and his kind (Columbia, Northwestern, and the University of Illinois at Chicago, inter alia, have such people on their faculties).  In fact, there’s a new movie out by ultraliberal Robert Redford that lionizes left-wing terrorism – that is, the good kind, like Muslim terrorism, that, though regrettably excessive at times, is nevertheless seen to be an understandable and righteous response by those feeling aggrieved by the power of Judeo-Christian Western culture.  It’s not about the murdering, it’s about whether the killers have the correct grievances against the correct oppressors.

Obama’s minions have created a hostile work environment for any government official interested in protecting Americans from Islamic extremism, from the Army General who bemoaned the effect the Fort Hood Muslim murdering terrorist might have on the military’s efforts at “diversity”, from nitwit Homeland Security boss Janice Napolitano’s refusal to call the Fort Hood massacre an act of terrorism, ridiculously labeling it as “workplace violence”, to the FBI’s downplaying Islamic terrorism in its training manual.

We now learn that the brothers were living off taxpayer money in Massachusetts, long a Democrat utopia.  On welfare, the older brother, who was supposed to be a political refugee, had enough money to return to the place in which his life was supposedly threatened, Russia, for six months.  Back in the States, on welfare he’s driving a Mercedes.   

Here’s the defining Rorschach test illustrating the divide in attitudes toward Muslim terrorism.  State the following:  most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslim.  If a head explodes, it’s a liberal, and not one who was going to keep us safe.

Michael Walsh (link):  “I’ve long said that the relationship between the American Left and Islam is that of masochist and sadist; the perfect Suicide Cult meets the Death Cult of its dreams. No wonder [in Boston] they got along so well together, right up to the moment when they didn’t.”

John M Greco

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