Thursday, January 28, 2016

Corrupt Hillary and Quisling Republicans Fight Trump & Cruz for the Republic

The primary voting season is about to start, and this time around the big picture in presidential politics is as unstable and threatening and infuriating as at any time in my life. 

Democrat party leaders see voters as puppets who must be ruled and see themselves as the puppet masters to do just that.  For would-be dictators, power is the ultimate goal, and corruption along the way is a feature, not a bug.  Just look at any city (try Chicago) or state (how about Illinois) that has been solidly in the grip of Democrats for a long time.  Corruption oozes from every pore.  Now comes Hillary Clinton, from Illinois no less and an acolyte of the late Chicago communist agitator-extraordinaire Saul Alinsky.  From all we already know of her, from Whitewater and the Rose law firm and cattle futures, to the illegal, unsecured private server set up to escape legal controls and proper oversight, and up through the Clinton Foundation, by every honest and rational analysis carefully arranged to launder bribes to the sitting United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is the most personally corrupt major politician in American history.  And an inveterate liar to boot.  Yet she leads Democrat party polling for the nomination for president.  This is end-of-the-Republic stuff.

Among Republican voters, maverick Donald Trump maintains his big lead.  Although certainly not of consistent conservative views and not even a consistent Republican, he is spot on right now about the biggest issue at hand – open borders and amnesty for illegals that threaten American wages now and promise to erode them for generations.  As I have written before, Democrat leaders want open borders to gain more Democrat voters, and they figure the workers who support them blindly will stay blind.  The Republican Party elites, funded by business interests, want open borders to access a bottomless cup of cheap labor (and who cares if they're more Democrat voters who will bury the principles for which the Republican Party is supposed to stand).  The American workers get screwed.  
And so Trump has caught on with many Republican voters who see him as the repudiation of the Quisling leaders of their party.  A very flawed vessel for that message, to be sure, but an effective one as it has turned out.  The party that has in the last 15 years exploded budgets, that has sent thousands of brave and loyal Americans to die in fruitless and thankless and endless conflicts in the Muslim world, that has enlarged big government beyond all anticipations via such affronts as the Homeland Security Department, the federal takeover of education, and the recent detestable "Cromnibus" bill, that has voted overwhelmingly for every radical liberal supreme court nominee – the very party leaders who brought us all that and much more now scream “trust us, not Trump!  And not Cruz either!  They're dangerous!”  Those same party leaders, from Boehner and McConnell, from GW Bush and John McCain, to such men now as Speaker Ryan (my how he has disappointed) and ¡Jeb!, are happy to share in the gravy train racket that is big government and will cooperate with Democrats in destroying free men and women who reject that racket, as they force through their huge, impenetrable bills that hide all kinds of political mischief and that surreptitiously fund all the perfidy, like Obamacare and open borders, they publicly profess to oppose. 
I’m drawn to those liberty-lovers whom these feckless Republican leaders truly fear and to those who have been strong and consistent in their advocacy for the politics of liberty, constitutional government, and the rule of law fairly and equally enforced.  I’m for Cruz.

R Balsamo

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