Friday, January 29, 2016

Let's Again Play "Guess the Political Party!" at the Daily Mail: Its Liberal Bias On Full View

On the Daily Mail site on January 28, 2016 -- two adjacent articles:

The politician on the right cut off a long-winded speaker's prayer -- at worst a rude act, while at best an appropriate and well-deserved maneuver.  He is named explicitly as a Republican, twice, just in the article's headers. 

Meanwhile, the "corrupt" Chicago "city official" on the left "faces years in prison" for his corruption involving "the administration" of the City of Chicago.  His known behavior is infinitely worse than that of the first official, yet his political party is not mentioned at all in the headline.  In fact, even in the article, his political party is not mentioned.  Not mentioned either is the political party to which everyone in the "administration" of the City of Chicago belongs.  Apparently the Brits at the Daily Mail don't realize that every educated American over 21 years old knows that Chicago has been in the tight grip of the Democrat Party for generations and that every "city official" and every single person in the city's "administration" is a Democrat.  But for the Daily Mail that's a fact not worth mentioning, and they're too ignorant of American politics to know everyone would be on to their subterfuge.  They only look pathetic in their failed manipulation.  But should a Republican allegedly be rude, well, he must be called out.

As I pointed out in a previous post on the Daily Mail, this tactic appears to involve a begrudging coverage of a Democrat scandal that leaves out the Democrat part, juxtaposed with an article about some Republican peccadillo that emphasizes the Republican part, all in an effort to mislead inattentive and unsuspecting readers into thinking that both articles involved Republicans.

R Balsamo

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