Thursday, January 14, 2016

Republican Elites Find Trump’s Reagan Democrats Revolting; Cheap Labor and Cheap Votes For Everyone!

From memory, an exchange in Mel Brooks’s History of the World, Part I goes something like this:  Lackey to the French king at the start of the French Revolution:  “Sir, the peasants are revolting;” King: “Boy, you can say that again, they sure are.”  The other day the elites of the Republican Party broadcast a response to Obama’s State of the Union address, a response that by many reports didn’t hit Obama’s record and policies very hard.  But what the Republican elite response did do was slam leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his supporters as “angry voices” and admonished them to, in so many words, basically shut up and go along with the Democrat-lite program of new Republican Speaker Paul Ryan (BFF of radical open border Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez) and the Republican establishment.  The program that prominently includes open borders to immigrants. 

Open borders to basically any and all immigrants, a point we seem to be halfway to already, would for generations depress wages, already stagnant, for low- and medium-skilled workers in the United States.  Trump’s opposition to open borders and calls for tighter controls on immigration explains his strong support among blue collar workers, traditionally Democrats, even among blacks and Hispanics who understand the deleterious impact more immigration will have on their jobs and wages.  The Democrats want open borders to gain more Democrat voters, and they figure the workers who support them blindly will stay blind.  The Republican party elites, funded by business interests, want open borders to access a bottomless cup of cheap labor.  The American workers get screwed and they’re rightfully “angry” about that.  Those “Reagan Democrats” who now see clearly what's going on want to return to the Republican party, but Paul Ryan and the elites of Republican party don’t want them.  They’d rather have Hillary Clinton, corrupt to the bone, with open borders and cheap labor.  Republican elites would be happy to “pay to play” with Hillary – they think they can make a lot of money with her and her crowd; with Donald Trump and the “angry voices” of his supporters, not so much. 

R Balsamo

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