Sunday, January 11, 2015

Democrat Howard Dean Decides Who Is Muslim and Who Is Not

Many European and world leaders marched in Paris today to show solidarity against barbarism as they condemned the recent brutal mass murder of a magazine’s staff by Muslim fanatics.  The American president Barack Hussein Obama, raised a Muslim but who has professed in adulthood not to be one, was a no show, for he was reportedly occupied stateside watching an important football game, perhaps hoping to squeeze in a round of golf afterwards.

Prominent American Democrat Party politician Howard Dean weighed in on events, making the assertion, not uncommonly heard among Democrats, that the murderers were not Muslims.  This came as a surprise not only to the French police and to the surviving hostages who had to listen to the blather about avenging Muhammad and to shouts of "God is great" in Arabic, but also to Muslims everywhere, some of whom celebrated the mass murder of perceived infidels by men who were lifelong Muslims and who professed to be acting in accordance with the Muslim directive for jihad.  Dr Dean, a somewhat indifferent and nominal Protestant, recent head of the national Democrat Party, and former Democrat candidate for the Presidency of the United States, believes he is empowered to decide among all the self-professed Muslims of the world exactly who is and who is not really Muslim.  Dr Dean has insisted that all Muslims are peaceful and that anyone who commits murder or mayhem is not peaceful and is therefore not a Muslim, notwithstanding any and all evidence to the contrary.  Lest anyone think Dr Dean is timid and non-judgmental in his opinions, it should be recalled that Dr Dean once said, now famously, that he “hates Republicans and everything they stand for.” 

R Balsamo

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