Thursday, January 15, 2015

Western Muslim Mania

My thoughts continue to drift to the problem Western civilization faces with Islam, one very much on my mind since the recent mass murders in Paris by a gang of Muslim fanatics at a magazine office and a Jewish shop.

Muslim fanatics for some time have been instigating conflict throughout this world, and Christians, Jews, and those of other faiths have been on the receiving end.  Some in the Muslim world and their apologists in the West blame the existence of Israel, but as many have said, if Israel didn’t exist as an excuse to incite their followers, Muslim rabble rousers would need to invent it.  I doubt the Muslim murdering terrorists in the Philippines or in East Timor or in India really care much about the fate of the Palestinians, whom their own Muslim neighbors seem to barely tolerate and prefer to keep segregated on Israel’s doorstep. 

Lately it seems that the more some Muslim troublemakers act up, the more some Western leaders trip over themselves to embrace and promote Islam.  Merkel, the leader of Germany, stridently marches arm and arm with the terrorist-sponsoring Muslim Brotherhood in a pro-Islam rally, and proclaims "Islam belongs to Germany."  Duke University in the United States just this week announces it will loudly broadcast across its campus the Muslim call to prayer from the tower of its, apparently former, Christian chapel.  The American politician Pelosi of the Democrats gleefully declares she will appoint a Muslim congressman, one of two now, to a Democrat party seat on the House Intelligence Committee of the United States Congress, despite his disturbing view on Islam in the West.  And the American president Obama and his disciples doggedly persist in denying the impulse to violent jihad within Islam, risibly asserting that it doesn’t exist and that any violence committed in the name of that faith is a misinterpretation of it; although they deny being Muslims themselves they assert their power to determine who is and who is not a Muslim, rather than leaving that theological point to those of the Muslim faith themselves.            

Winston Churchill said over one hundred years ago that although individual Muslims may show splendid qualities there is no stronger retrograde force in the world than Islam.  Its subjugation of women, promotion of violent jihad, killing of apostates and homosexuals, and rejection of any separation between church and state are some of its major flaws that desperately need to be changed.  As far as I can see, Western leaders are not asking Muslims to examine and reform their faith but rather are celebrating Islam the way it is now.  This simply astonishes me. 

R Balsamo

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