Sunday, January 18, 2015

Descent Into Farce – Obama Sends the French a Song and a Hug To Help Fight Muslim Terrorism

John Kerry
When I saw the headline and read the first paragraph I was sure it was a spoof.  How ridiculously funny!  What clever satire!  Then that sinking feeling set in.  It was real. 

After being blasted by even ultraliberals for not sending a senior American official to the recent Paris anti-Islamic terror rally, Obama sent his buffoonish Secretary of State John Kerry to help bolster the French morale.  France needs a new backbone and a division of Marines.  So what were brought to Paris by Kerry of the Democrats, who made a name for himself during the Vietnam War by sonorously accusing American soldiers of widespread war crimes just before jetting off to Europe to meet surreptitiously with the enemy?

Well, we’ve heard about strong power, and during the Obama years about soft power, and now there’s song power.  Kerry offered a song and then gave a hug to the socialist French President Hollande.  A song and a hug.  They’re sure to help defeat Muslim fanaticism.

Osama bin Laden is said to have remarked that when people see a strong horse (presumably Islam) and a weak horse (that would be Western Culture), they are naturally drawn to the former.  I agree in principle though not in reference.  Well, now Obama has introduced a third choice – the gelded horse.  Gelded horse power. 

Well, was the song at least as rousing to the spirit as the French anthem La Marseillaise?  A song that would finally buck them up for the long struggle ahead against fanatical Muslim murderers?  Nope.  He brought in the old American liberal icon of touchy-feely treacle, James Taylor, to sing “You’ve Got a Friend,” a sappy song much loved by 13 year-old girls and saccharine enough to induce a diabetic coma.  And that hug.  As a teenage girl would say – awkward!   Word is that Obama’s first choices were Barney the Purple Dinosaur and Beyonce, but they were booked, so he sent Kerry and Taylor instead.  I imagine the French muttering to themselves at this insulting display like the French police inspector in an old Inspector Clouseau movie – “I-di-ots, i-di-ots!”

A sappy song and a cringe-inducing hug.  How embarrassing and pathetic.  The Obama presidency has descended into absolute farce, not that it had far to fall. 

R Balsamo

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