Monday, January 12, 2015

The Paris Anti-Muslim Terror Rally – Will It Be All Show and No Go? And Where’s Obama?

The big rally in Paris against Muslim terrorism was an encouraging gesture, but I have very mixed feelings about these symbolic displays, having observed from afar the many, periodic “take back the street” marches through black neighborhoods of Chicago whenever there’s a spike in the already high baseline level of murder and mayhem.  So far it’s been all for show – politicians use them to distract the public from realizing nothing is being done to address the root problems.  After 50 years, the dangerous areas are little changed.  So will European leaders actually change their appeasement of radical and violent Muslims and now take concrete steps to kill Islamic terror?  I’m skeptical.  I note that prominent in the front row among the world politicians was the head of the Muslim terrorism-supporting Palestine Liberation Organization.  And the head of the French “right wing” organization, right wing in the sense that a socialist is to the right of a communist, was pointedly banned from the rally, presumably because the group was a mite too frank about Islam’s role in terrorism. 

Stateside, the American media is abuzz as to why Obama did not appear or at least send a high-ranking US official to the rally.  It seems simple – because Obama and his team deny that Muslim terrorism exists.  His public position is that all this killing is a criminal matter, by those who misuse the Muslim label but who kill despite their religion, not because of it.  Of course deep down he doesn’t really believe this nonsense.  He knows full well the violence-drenched history of Islam since its founding, and its spread through murderous conquest.  He understands the religious directive to violent jihad.  But he will not publicly admit any of this.  His posture is to deny the connection between Islam and violence.  After all, in the face of a clear example of Muslim murderous jihad in the attack on the soldiers at Ft. Hood, Obama and his people denied Islam was a factor and called it “workplace violence.”  This charade would be hilarious if not so tragic.  So why would Obama, raised a Muslim, join a march against Muslim mass murder jihad when he has denied the existence of that very thing in the United States? 

R Balsamo 

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