Sunday, January 18, 2015

Descent Into Farce – Obama Sends the French a Song and a Hug To Help Fight Muslim Terrorism

John Kerry
When I saw the headline and read the first paragraph I was sure it was a spoof.  How ridiculously funny!  What clever satire!  Then that sinking feeling set in.  It was real. 

After being blasted by even ultraliberals for not sending a senior American official to the recent Paris anti-Islamic terror rally, Obama sent his buffoonish Secretary of State John Kerry to help bolster the French morale.  France needs a new backbone and a division of Marines.  So what were brought to Paris by Kerry of the Democrats, who made a name for himself during the Vietnam War by sonorously accusing American soldiers of widespread war crimes just before jetting off to Europe to meet surreptitiously with the enemy?

Well, we’ve heard about strong power, and during the Obama years about soft power, and now there’s song power.  Kerry offered a song and then gave a hug to the socialist French President Hollande.  A song and a hug.  They’re sure to help defeat Muslim fanaticism.

Osama bin Laden is said to have remarked that when people see a strong horse (presumably Islam) and a weak horse (that would be Western Culture), they are naturally drawn to the former.  I agree in principle though not in reference.  Well, now Obama has introduced a third choice – the gelded horse.  Gelded horse power. 

Well, was the song at least as rousing to the spirit as the French anthem La Marseillaise?  A song that would finally buck them up for the long struggle ahead against fanatical Muslim murderers?  Nope.  He brought in the old American liberal icon of touchy-feely treacle, James Taylor, to sing “You’ve Got a Friend,” a sappy song much loved by 13 year-old girls and saccharine enough to induce a diabetic coma.  And that hug.  As a teenage girl would say – awkward!   Word is that Obama’s first choices were Barney the Purple Dinosaur and Beyonce, but they were booked, so he sent Kerry and Taylor instead.  I imagine the French muttering to themselves at this insulting display like the French police inspector in an old Inspector Clouseau movie – “I-di-ots, i-di-ots!”

A sappy song and a cringe-inducing hug.  How embarrassing and pathetic.  The Obama presidency has descended into absolute farce, not that it had far to fall. 

R Balsamo

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Western Muslim Mania

My thoughts continue to drift to the problem Western civilization faces with Islam, one very much on my mind since the recent mass murders in Paris by a gang of Muslim fanatics at a magazine office and a Jewish shop.

Muslim fanatics for some time have been instigating conflict throughout this world, and Christians, Jews, and those of other faiths have been on the receiving end.  Some in the Muslim world and their apologists in the West blame the existence of Israel, but as many have said, if Israel didn’t exist as an excuse to incite their followers, Muslim rabble rousers would need to invent it.  I doubt the Muslim murdering terrorists in the Philippines or in East Timor or in India really care much about the fate of the Palestinians, whom their own Muslim neighbors seem to barely tolerate and prefer to keep segregated on Israel’s doorstep. 

Lately it seems that the more some Muslim troublemakers act up, the more some Western leaders trip over themselves to embrace and promote Islam.  Merkel, the leader of Germany, stridently marches arm and arm with the terrorist-sponsoring Muslim Brotherhood in a pro-Islam rally, and proclaims "Islam belongs to Germany."  Duke University in the United States just this week announces it will loudly broadcast across its campus the Muslim call to prayer from the tower of its, apparently former, Christian chapel.  The American politician Pelosi of the Democrats gleefully declares she will appoint a Muslim congressman, one of two now, to a Democrat party seat on the House Intelligence Committee of the United States Congress, despite his disturbing view on Islam in the West.  And the American president Obama and his disciples doggedly persist in denying the impulse to violent jihad within Islam, risibly asserting that it doesn’t exist and that any violence committed in the name of that faith is a misinterpretation of it; although they deny being Muslims themselves they assert their power to determine who is and who is not a Muslim, rather than leaving that theological point to those of the Muslim faith themselves.            

Winston Churchill said over one hundred years ago that although individual Muslims may show splendid qualities there is no stronger retrograde force in the world than Islam.  Its subjugation of women, promotion of violent jihad, killing of apostates and homosexuals, and rejection of any separation between church and state are some of its major flaws that desperately need to be changed.  As far as I can see, Western leaders are not asking Muslims to examine and reform their faith but rather are celebrating Islam the way it is now.  This simply astonishes me. 

R Balsamo

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Paris Anti-Muslim Terror Rally – Will It Be All Show and No Go? And Where’s Obama?

The big rally in Paris against Muslim terrorism was an encouraging gesture, but I have very mixed feelings about these symbolic displays, having observed from afar the many, periodic “take back the street” marches through black neighborhoods of Chicago whenever there’s a spike in the already high baseline level of murder and mayhem.  So far it’s been all for show – politicians use them to distract the public from realizing nothing is being done to address the root problems.  After 50 years, the dangerous areas are little changed.  So will European leaders actually change their appeasement of radical and violent Muslims and now take concrete steps to kill Islamic terror?  I’m skeptical.  I note that prominent in the front row among the world politicians was the head of the Muslim terrorism-supporting Palestine Liberation Organization.  And the head of the French “right wing” organization, right wing in the sense that a socialist is to the right of a communist, was pointedly banned from the rally, presumably because the group was a mite too frank about Islam’s role in terrorism. 

Stateside, the American media is abuzz as to why Obama did not appear or at least send a high-ranking US official to the rally.  It seems simple – because Obama and his team deny that Muslim terrorism exists.  His public position is that all this killing is a criminal matter, by those who misuse the Muslim label but who kill despite their religion, not because of it.  Of course deep down he doesn’t really believe this nonsense.  He knows full well the violence-drenched history of Islam since its founding, and its spread through murderous conquest.  He understands the religious directive to violent jihad.  But he will not publicly admit any of this.  His posture is to deny the connection between Islam and violence.  After all, in the face of a clear example of Muslim murderous jihad in the attack on the soldiers at Ft. Hood, Obama and his people denied Islam was a factor and called it “workplace violence.”  This charade would be hilarious if not so tragic.  So why would Obama, raised a Muslim, join a march against Muslim mass murder jihad when he has denied the existence of that very thing in the United States? 

R Balsamo 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Democrat Howard Dean Decides Who Is Muslim and Who Is Not

Many European and world leaders marched in Paris today to show solidarity against barbarism as they condemned the recent brutal mass murder of a magazine’s staff by Muslim fanatics.  The American president Barack Hussein Obama, raised a Muslim but who has professed in adulthood not to be one, was a no show, for he was reportedly occupied stateside watching an important football game, perhaps hoping to squeeze in a round of golf afterwards.

Prominent American Democrat Party politician Howard Dean weighed in on events, making the assertion, not uncommonly heard among Democrats, that the murderers were not Muslims.  This came as a surprise not only to the French police and to the surviving hostages who had to listen to the blather about avenging Muhammad and to shouts of "God is great" in Arabic, but also to Muslims everywhere, some of whom celebrated the mass murder of perceived infidels by men who were lifelong Muslims and who professed to be acting in accordance with the Muslim directive for jihad.  Dr Dean, a somewhat indifferent and nominal Protestant, recent head of the national Democrat Party, and former Democrat candidate for the Presidency of the United States, believes he is empowered to decide among all the self-professed Muslims of the world exactly who is and who is not really Muslim.  Dr Dean has insisted that all Muslims are peaceful and that anyone who commits murder or mayhem is not peaceful and is therefore not a Muslim, notwithstanding any and all evidence to the contrary.  Lest anyone think Dr Dean is timid and non-judgmental in his opinions, it should be recalled that Dr Dean once said, now famously, that he “hates Republicans and everything they stand for.” 

R Balsamo

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rampaging Islam & Barack Hussein Obama

Muslim murderers some hours ago killed at least 12 people in Paris at the office of a magazine that had published satirical material critical of the excesses of Islam.  The murderers reportedly went searching for specific individuals by name.  They were heard shouting "God is great" in Arabic, the de rigueur exclamation of Muslim murderers across the globe.  They were also heard to say they were avenging Muhammad.

Not long ago, the American president Barack Hussein Obama, raised a Muslim but later a long-time follower of a radical, hateful black-supremacist pseudo-Christian preacher, said that "the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."

In a statement released today, Obama criticized the murders but made no reference whatsoever to Islam.

R Balsamo