Friday, March 25, 2011

Annals of Inanities -- Liberals Edition #1

* The group is affluent, well-educated, and overwhelmingly white -- ergo racist according to the calculus of some modern liberals (cf. Party, Tea).  But this time it's the National Public Radio audience (link) that must be racist.  How unexpected.

* Yet another (link) major Democrat is outed as a tax cheat.  This time it's Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri (link).  Upon being caught, she says that her tax evasion makes her "sick to her stomach".  Oh sure, and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.  If you or I did this we'd be prosecuted, but if tax evasion by a prominent Democrat were a crime Obama would still be working to fill his cabinet.  Democrats vote for taxes, Republicans pay them.

* A Florida judge named Richard Nielsen rules that Islamic law, rather than Florida law, must be used to settle a legal dispute between two Florida Muslim groups (link).  Asked whether his ruling extends to honor killings and raping wives, the judge reportedly said: "What the hell, why not?  What so big about Florida law anyway -- it's hard even for me to understand.  This Muslim stuff is much simpler."

* A planned terrorist attack drill in Iowa features anti-illegal-immigration whites as the terrorists (link).  The world is awash in terrorism and other violence by radical Muslims, and in Iowa liberals want to make white anti-illegal-immigration foes the dangerous, evil ones. One Doug Reed, lead exercise planner, undoubtedly struggling to keep a straight face, said "the exercise is not intended to be political." 

John M Greco