Monday, March 21, 2011

Recent Reads of Note -- Political Edition

* Stanley Kurtz, author of the recent Radical-in-Chief, writes at The National Review about Obama's radicalism and why the word fits, contra Michael Medved's opinion: Contra Medved.

* Andy McCarthy writes at The National Review about the grand alliance between ultraliberals/leftists and radical Islamists -- the social compact, the general will, submission, and other folderol:  Jean-Jacques Jihad.
As a perfect illustration of McCarthy's thesis, and as if to immediately provide further evidence of this mutual support  -- what David Horowitz has called the Unholy Alliance --though certainly none is needed, a now former senior executive at uber-liberal National Public Radio, one Ronald Schiller, famously caught (link; link) recently on undercover video bemoaning Jewish Zionist control of the media to radical Muslims whose donations he was seeking, is, according to Wikipedia (link), Jewish, and, according to various internet comments, gay.  Gay Jews don't seem to fare well under the sharia of radical Islam, but then American liberalism's cultural self-loathing trumps all.
* Mark Steyn writes in The New Criterion on Western cultural suicide:  Dependence Day: "If I am pessimistic about the future of liberty, it is because I am pessimistic about the strength of the English-speaking nations, which have, in profound ways, surrendered to forces at odds with their inheritance."

John M Greco