Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Annals of Inanities -- Obama Edition #3

* A few weeks ago an American Immigration and Custom Enforcement agent in Mexico was killed by drug dealers.  Now we find out that our ICE agents in Mexico are unarmed by order of the Mexican government (link), and Obama is so OK with this he's sending 20 more agents in.  Obama requires Border Patrol agents to use bean bag bullets on our side of the border (link); perhaps our ICE agents in Mexico could at least use the same.

* Remember when Obama referred to the "57 states" in the American union, or the "Austrian" language.  If you're a liberal who gets his or her news only from the liberal media, you don't.  Fair-minded people know politicians, and the rest of us, sometimes misspeak, especially when tired.  Michele, Bachman, after one of those slip-ups, needed to defend herself and called out the liberal media from reporting hers but not any of Obama's.  That's why it's best to think of the liberal media as the mouthpiece of the Democrat party. 

* Michael Walsh at National Review Online envisions Obama's presidency as opera buffa, an art form "filled with characters like our 44th president: someone pretending to be something that — by character or temperament or work ethic or talent — he’s not. In the end, though, the mask always comes off — and sometimes, there are tears."  Obama Rex

* John Hinderaker of PowerLine blog argues that Obama, who has embraced the trappings of high office while eschewing the responsibilities of it, really aspires to be the king, as in Britain -- an adored demi-god without direct responsibility of governing:  Let's Make Obama King.    

John M Greco