Sunday, March 13, 2011

Annals of Inanities -- Obama Edition 2

* Obama's State Department, run by one Hillary Clinton, is attacking (link) the US Military, headed by Commander-in-Chief Obama, for allegedly mistreating its prisoner Pfc. Bradley Manning, the soldier who allegedly leaked reams of secret, sensitive material to WikiLeaks.  Now the spokesman for the Obama/Clinton State Department is taking the fall (link).  Clinton and her minions keep forgetting that a Democrat is now president, not a Republican -- no need to fabricate and smear anymore.

* Everyone knows that the Social Security system is a pyramid scheme, where today's contributions from some people are used to pay today's benefits to others.  There is no Al Gore lockbox, there is no money set aside -- it's all a fiction.  And yet, and yet, the unserious Barack Obama's position was recently reaffirmed:  there is no problem because the trust fund, which we all know does not exist, is "solvent" until 2017.  This incessant effort to fool the foolable and the inattentive -- Charles Krauthammer deconstructs it here.

* Obama has just said that his administration is "encouraging offshore (oil) exploration and production" (link).  No sentient being could possibly believe an ounce of this.  Obama doesn't just subscribe to the Big Lie theory, he's an underwriter.

* Obama's buddy Attorney General Eric Holder, who recently referred to blacks as "his people" (link) in defending himself against serious charges of reverse racism, is now requiring the Dayton police department to lower its testing requirements so that more blacks can pass the test.  Why not just eliminate testing all together?  Why do policemen and other public servants need to know anything at all?

John M Greco